Mission Statement:

Our honest and caring team
strives to provide the finest,
state-of-the-art treatment available,
customized to your needs and desires.

What can I expect at my first visit?
At Alpine Meadows Family Dental, your new patient experience begins with a comprehensive oral examination. Your concerns will be met in a personalized approach in an atmosphere of trust.

What is a Comprehensive Exam?
A comprehensive exam is a thorough evaluation of your oral health and sets the foundation for future oral exams.

What is involved in the Comprehensive Exam?

  • Pre-clinical Exam:
    • Series of clinical radiographs
    • Photos – giving a visual record of the condition and appearance of your teeth
    • Patient interview – getting to know your medical history and needs
  • Extraoral Exam:
    • Doctor palpates muscles on temples, jaw, and neck to detect any issues with your chewing system
    • Your TMJ is examined for signs of potential dysfunction
  • Intraoral Exam:
    • Doctor will Examine the soft tissues, muscles, throat, tongue and any abnormalities inside the mouth
    • Teeth are examined for any abnormalities or disease
    • Gingival probing to evaluate structural health of the gums and supporting tissues

In addition to a full examination of your muscles, joints, bite, teeth, gums, and tissues, an occlusal exam is performed. The occlusal exam is an evaluation of the overall health and alignment of your bite. Dr. Baird will then review all of his findings in detail with you. Completing a comprehensive exam ensures you and Dr. Baird are equipped with all the necessary information needed to achieve your oral health goals.