Post and core treatment is often recommended for teeth that have lost more than 50% of their coronal tooth structure to dental decay or accident. The post is a rod-shaped element that is inserted to provide structural support for a restorative component. Made of fiberglass, a metal alloy or carbon fiber, the post can be inserted directly into a previously prepared space at the bottom of the tooth. When positioning this post, our team will isolate the area with a rubber dam to control moisture. With this appliance, contact with saliva and soft tissues is minimized to keep the working area clean and dry. This is especially important when applying the material cementing the post to the site.

By placing the post, core material can be firmly anchored within the root canal space. This core buildup is often made of the same material used to moor the initial post. The material provides a structure on which a traditional crown can then be fitted. Filling in the remaining tooth structure with core material prevents voids, gaps and other irregular features that may compromise the restoration, weakening the entire framework later on. Core buildup is applied so that it entirely covers the initial post. This seal prevents moisture from leaking into the recently built structure, keeping the new tooth protected from erosion.

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